Meet Chadd Marcus of Conscious Body Projects.  Chadd will be leading the March 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Rhema.

“As the son of a professional athlete, I remained active in competitive and recreational sports throughout most of my life, collecting knowledge of the body in motion (kinesiology/ proprioception). Running, Hiking, Surfing, and Rock Climbing also occupied my time.
The active lifestyle, compassionate nature, and passion for the kitchen (Lead Restaurant Sushi Chef) lured me into a career in the wellness field as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach. My fascination with the human form and its stellar potential carried me deeper into the Holistic mind/body/spirit realms of Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Therapy.
I have been vigorously trained in the vinyasa stylings of Ashtanga Yoga (Hatha/Raja/Pranayama), Vinyasa, Thai Yoga Massage Therapy, Reiki, + Anapanasati & Vippasana Meditation.
It has been an honor traveling the world to countries such as Thailand, Jamaica, and Belize guiding Yoga Retreats and advancing my practice.
My life purpose is to continue co-creating transformational experiences with you and our ascending community, discovering new bountiful ways to live in-the-now.”
Chadd on “the Yoga Experience”
Yoga is the most valuable technology in my life. It is an indispensable tool of transformation I enjoy daily, allowing me to witness “and” experience the often overlooked treasures of life.
Sharper focus, thought clarity, heightened sense awareness, and a healthful body have armed me with insightful gems of wisdom in action that dissolve laziness & confusion.
Merely a student of Yoga, my teaching only aims to awaken the student within you, because a student of everything is his/her own teacher. Seeing the practice as the gift, I hope you receive endlessly.

“Anyone can fall in love, but it takes courage to stand in love.”

– Chadd Marcus