Being a massage therapist for 9 years, Danita was constantly working on ways to being healthy and fit. For many years, she has been searching to find her perfect exercise routine to complement her life.  She’s tried going to the gym, running, P90X, T-25 and so on. But nothing seemed to stick. Until one day, she got offered to take some yoga classes from a friend. From then on she was hooked. Starting off only practicing a few classes a week, that quickly progressed to her practicing every day. She fell in love with her practice and the benefits that yoga provided her. Understanding that yoga and massage go hand in hand, she decided to add to her career of helping people by become a Yoga Instructor. Danita is really excited to share her love of yoga with you and help you find your perfect routine that complements your life.

Danita is available for massages at anytime. Call to schedule yours. Learn more about Danita’s massages. 

Danita’s Classes


  • 8:30a Full Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga


  • 10:30a Beginning Yoga


  • 5:15p Heated Flow
  • 6:30p Beginning Yoga Flow
  • 7:45p Bedtime Yoga Flow


  • 10:30a Beginning Yoga