As part of operations, Darryn, accompanied by Nikki, work on special projects in order to provide a relaxing and friendly envoirment within the Rancho Yoga studio. Prior to the grand opening of Rancho Yoga, Darryn, Nikki, Alina, and Christoph painted the studio to the Rancho Yoga colors. Darryn is seldom found in the studio though he may be present in occasional classes. He is more than willingly to be up to use if needed and open to ideas that can improve the environment to the studio.



Working alongside Darryn, Nikki is in charge of doing projects for the studio, such as custom benches and a living wall. She also helped Alina with crocheting custom RY car freshers, which were showcased at the RY Grand Opening, but will be released for sale in the near future. Although she may be rarely seen at the studio, Nikki is always working behind the scenes to make a better enviorment for the studio. Darryn and Nikki are always open to new ideas so if there are ever any questions or project ideas, please feel free to contact them.