July 2018

Update 6/7:

Hello from Rancho Yoga!

It’s coming!!!

Finally!! After almost two whole months, we’re preparing to re open the studio!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some Rancho Yoga, yoga!
Renovations are almost done! Class planning and schedules are underway. Also, planning to reach out to all current package holders and help make you comfortable.

Designing New packages and classes and surprises for everyone!! Exact time and other details still being planned!! More to come!

Save this date: July 2018!!!💥💥💥
New Season!! New Studio!! New Outlook!!


Thank you!

A week ago I was notified that there were some issues with the contractual obligations in the old Addicted To Yoga lease, that presented an issue to the new Rancho Yoga agreement.

For legal reasons, not all of which I understand nor agree with, the studio has to close on the current lease and re-open under a new one.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

1) I am NOT closing the studio for good! I have been trying not to have it close it at all, but unfortunately, procedures are procedures. Over the past week I have been working very hard behind the scenes, exhausting every option, in hopes of to skipping this part. As a result, this is why you are all hearing so late. I apologize for the delay. I did not intended to keep anyone out of the loop. I have just been constantly on the phone trying to resolve this as prompt as possible.

2) Please support me, your teachers and Yoga community dispel any myths or rumors you will most definitely hear about the studio closing forever. It’s simply not true. Students can voice their concern to: info@rancho-yoga.com or they can text the studio phone at (909) 465-3182

3) I’m cancelling all current student auto pays beginning April 10th until we re-open. In other words, students will not be charged until we open back up again. I’ll extend current prepaid packages 2 weeks to make up for these closed days!!

4) There may be some rescheduling on the current workshops. I know. I’m sorry. If I could do this any other way I would, TRUST ME!!

  • No refunds will be granted, but credit will be issued for any workshop that you miss on account of the studio being closed. If it comes to that.

5) Hang loose, I don’t have specific timing on how long we will be closed. We’re anticipating no more than a few days to a week at most. Treat it as a few (and probably well needed) days off!

6) Rancho Yoga is always looking for ways to improve and innovate. With these innovations come change. Help Rancho Yoga grow and become more by embracing this change so that we may provide you with an even better experience!

Again, I’m NOT closing the studio for good! It doesn’t matter what you hear or think you know or see posted. Everything is being done the way it needs to be done in order for this to happen.

I am committed to ensuring we stay open and growing in order to provide great service to our students and keep this a happy fulfilling place to teach.

We have been through a lot with the last transition and are now on a steady path of growth. Let’s try to keep that momentum going. I can’t wait to share the GREAT news and the plans in development with all of you. You will be so very pleased!

I sincerely value you, your support and your business! I ask that you please continue to support and have faith in Rancho Yoga. I assure you, the best is yet to come!!

And thank you for being a part of our Yoga family!



When you’re here, you’re family.
We love being surrounded by family.