My name is Norma.
My first experience with yoga was in 2010. After those first couple of classes I was hooked! Not too long after that I quickly realized that yoga was going to fill a missing gap or space in my life. I love the gift that yoga brings to my life and being fortunate enough to share that gift with others. The benefits of yoga practice are endless….some of those great benefits are: a positive attitude, core strength, flexibility, balance, and a great way to meet positive people. I believe yoga is a continuing learning experience with a lot to offer. A continuing practice….
I have completed my 200 hour Teacher Trainer program at Rancho Yoga (under the guidance of Rhema Flowers). To broaden my horizons as a yoga instructor I continue to take new classes and workshops.
I would love to be fortunate enough to share what I have learned and continue to learn with my students….

“Yoga is the best thing that has happened to me”.

I plan to keep doing it and share it with others….

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Norma’s Classes


  • 6:00p Beginning Ashtanga Yoga


  • 8:30a Full Primary Series Ashtanga
  • 7:30p Beginning Ashtanga Yoga