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Yoga and Mat Pilates Pricing:

A One Time Drop in Class – $20

Class Packages:

5 classes – $85| 10 classes – $150 | 20 classes – $300 | 40 classes of Friends and Family – $360

Monthly Packages:

2x/week for $74* | Unlimited Monthly for $99* | Single Month Unlimited for $150| Unlimited Yoga and Mat Pilates for One Year $699**

*12 monthly billing\ autopay contract
**monthly, weekly or bi-weekly payment options

Pilates Reformers Pricing:

A One Time Drop in Class – $25

Class Package:

5 classes – $95 | 10 classes – $179 | 30 classes – $400

Monthly Package:

2x/week for $74* | Monthly Unlimited Autopay – $129* | Unlimited One Year Pre-paid – $699

*monthly billing\ autopay contract

Combined Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Pilates Reformers Pricing:

New Student Special: 5 classes – $35New Student Special: 2 Weeks Unlimited – $40

Monthly Packages:

6 Month Unlimited Everything – $599Monthly Unlimited Everything – $150* | Unlimited Everything Pre-paid – $1,099 | Unlimited Everything LIFETIME – $4,888

*12 month autopay contract

Other Packages and Pricing:

Kidz Yoga

First Time Class – $10 | Drop In – $15 | 10 Classes – $109 | 1x/week Monthly – $30*

Private Lessons

30 minute session – $55 | 60 minute session – $75

Messages with Danita

60 minute session – $75Aromatherapy Massage with doTERRA oils – $85

Oil Treatment with Holly or Rhema

Spinal Oil Treatment – $85


Early Bird – $20 | Workshop Standard – $25 | Package of 4 Workshops – $69

-Click here learn more about Danita’s massages
-Click here to learn more about workshops
*6 month autopay contract

Which Package is Right for You?

Since we have such a wide variety of instructors, classes, students, and more, we have a nice selection of packages to fit everyone’s needs! The packages can be broken down into 2 different types: Class Packages and Monthly Packages.

Class Packages are better suited for people who have a constantly shifting schedule. If your work schedule changes often or you’re just not sure how often you’ll be able to attended classes, then these types of packages are just for you! These packages come in sets of 5, 10, 20, 30, etc.! If you’re only able to come one or twice a month then there are no worries as your class packages will be waiting for you whenever you get the chance to come visit us! Reminder: Expiration dates vary between packages.

Monthly Packages cater more towards those who have a more consistent work schedule and know how often they’ll be able to attend class each week. The packages usually breakdown to 2x/week and Unlimited where you can come as many times a week (and however many times a day) as your body needs. You will be placed on an autopay contract and your card on file will be billed monthly so you don’t need to worry about running out of sessions! Each package lasts from month to month and is a great way to keep you motivated to keep coming to class! Reminder: Expiration dates vary between packages.

If you have anymore questions about packages and pricing, you can contact us at or call/text us at 1(909) 465-3182. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!