In yoga, everything is sacred, even the rooms. We named our rooms according to the types of practices that go on behind the doors. Each room is associated with an element that compliments the room and sets it apart from the rest.



Aether; our courtyard. When you first enter Rancho Yoga, you are welcomed into an oasis of sweet scents from our essential oils, a friendly face from our front desk, and warm and familiar feeling like being at home. The aether exists all around us. Above and below, in and out, we are all immersed within the aether. Likewise, our courtyard helps tie all of the rooms together and gives it a sense of unity. In the courtyard you can talk with your friends before class, have a deep chat with one of our instructors, or just take the chance to calm yourself and ready yourself for whichever class you chose. In this room, we are all connected, we are all family.


Air; our largest room. This room is used for all of our amazingly creative workshops and special classes that we have to offer from time to time. Our most popular classes are put into this room so students can have lots of space to move around and feel the energy of the room. Air has the properties of being light-weight, open, and spacious. Just like air, the students taking class in this room can move and breath openly and freely.


Fire; our Pilates Reformers room. Nothing burns like a 30 minute, non-stop, butt kicking, sweat making, cardio reformers class. Fire can be summed up as beautiful, but deadly. The students that take the Pilates reformers may look unassuming, but do not underestimate them. They are all strong warriors with a will of fire.


Earth; our smaller room. “Plant your feet firmly into the mat and fold forward.” Grounding yourself to the earth to come to peace with yourself and everything around is incredibly spiritual. It also helps to keep your balance. This room, which is mainly used for our Ashtanga yoga classes, which is what we are known for, helps connect each and every one of our students to space around them. The compact room improves ones senses of the nature surrounding them and the own feeling in their body.


Water; our mediation room. Who doesn’t like falling asleep to the sound of heavy rain, a babbling brook, or just the sounds of waves gently crashing upon the shore of a beach. Water has the properties of purification and the deep sea is embed deep with our subconscious. As you take a private lesson, a massage, or a mediation in this room, you can feel your body flow along with the energy of the studio, carrying your day-to-day worries away.

L I G H T & D A R K

Light and dark; our bathrooms. Although it may seem odd at first to name the bathrooms, take a moment to think about how important these rooms are to our daily lives. Whether they serve as a quick rest stop (restroom), somewhere to relieve yourself, or a place to just take a moment and gather your thoughts, these rooms help to keep balance in our lives. Exactly like the properties of light and dark. All nature is perfectly balanced, especially with the separation of day and night. Who are we to argue with nature?