Yoga Studio Etiquette:

At Rancho Yoga we strive to create a calming and stress free atmosphere for everyone, here’s how you can help us achieve this goal.

  • Kindly remove your shoes before entering any of the yoga rooms
  • When unrolling a mat, place the mat on the floor first then unroll it (please don’t crack your mat like a whip)
  • Please do not drop your shoes on the floor after class, gently place them on the floor. The loud noise disturbs and startles the other students.
  • If you have a cell phone, please turn it off. If you forget, please refrain from answering and texting during class
  • Please understand for your safety, we do not use the walls for headstand inversions. It is not permitted at all.
  • Only Rancho Yoga authorized teachers can assist students. Whether your friend, daughter, son, or spouse comes to the class with you, please do not assist them in any pose.
  • Shirt and shorts are to be kept on at all times to respect others’ culture. (sports bras are fine)
  • Please understand that the space you roll your mat out may shift. If we ask you to move your mat, it is only to make room for more yoga students and its not meant to intrude on your personal space. We would do the same for you.
  • Please do not leave room during meditation unless staying will disturb the other students.
  • If you have to leave during meditation, please do not roll up your mat. Wait Until meditation is finished and then re-enter the room to collect your belongings.
  • If you know you must leave the class early, please inform the instructor prior to the start of class.


Thank you for helping us keep this a peaceful, calm, and relaxing environment for everyone